Jan 26, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
What are two things you think go together??
Dr. Chinn: Hanky & Panky
Morghan: A Bushel & A Peck
Sarah: Netflix & Chill
Lexx: Hugs & Kisses
Shantelle: Cookies & Milk
Jan 22, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
Facebook Family Feud Friday!!!!
Dr. Chinn: A charging cord of some sort
Morghan: A small child
Sarah: Definitely a dog
Lexx: A snake
Shantelle: A laundry basket
Jan 21, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
What would your kryptonite be!?!?
Dr. Chinn: Massage table
Morghan: My daughter
Sarah: My husband
Lexx: Personal Massagers
Shantelle: Sarah
Jan 20, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
A little euphoria never hurt anyone!! Who is your Disney side kick??
EXTRA Hub points if you tell us what you and your sidekick would otherwise be doing today!! ;-)
Dr. Chinn: Mushu- "we would be spitting fire balls all around town!"
Morghan: Chip- "we would be sipping coffee!"
Sarah: Chip- "we would probably be clumsily breaking all the other dishes as well!"
Lexx: Flounder- "we would be swimming around the surface, enjoying the sun!"
Shantelle: Dopey- "we would be admiring the gold and jewels we found!"
Jan 19, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
Thrift Stores usually have some pretty good finds...but, what is something you would NEVER buy used??
Dr. Chinn: Condoms
Morghan: Deoderant
Sarah: Menstrual Cup
Lexx: Underwear
Shantelle: Toothbrush
Jan 15, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
**Survey us your answers in the comments!!**

Dr.Chinn: Hot Damn!
Morghan: Hot Dog
Sarah: Hot Pocket
Lexx: Hot & Heavy
Shantelle: Hot Sh*t!
Jan 14, 2021
Summer Movie Blockbuster Contest
Summer Movie Blockbuster Contest runs from Jan 14 - Jan 31, 2021. The winner wins 100 points. Participants earn 2 points. Log in to your Hub to participate. Good luck!
Jan 14, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
What are you!??!
Dr. Chinn: Where is the mid morning option??
Morghan: Can I be both??
Sarah: Night Owl most of the time...
Lexx: Where is the 9am option??
Shani: Night Owl ALL THE WAY!!
Jan 13, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
Show us what are you wearing today!??
EXTRA patient hub points if you post a picture/selfie!!
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Jan 8, 2021
From Chinn GYN, LLC...
Dr. Chinn: Paper
Morghan: A Check
Sarah: A Sticky Note
Lexx: A Journal
Shani: A Calendar